Sunday, October 4, 2015

How to get See-through bangs + FAQ!

Finally, a video to clear all the doubts of my see-through bangs!

Many of you have been asking how I managed to get see-through bangs.
Although it's almost 99% of the work from my hair salon, here's a video on how I got them, and how I manage it on a daily basis~

I got my hair roller from Etude House in Seoul, I think it's also available in Singapore, but I'm not sure about the size of the roller I'm using. Probably medium!
I use quite a lot of sizes so it doesn't really matter. I think the bigger ones are better to create a nicer curve.
I got another velcro roller from Daiso, you can find them there as well! :)

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I will try my best to reply!

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Sunday, September 27, 2015

How to get fairer and whiter skin


New video up on my YouTube channel~

Natural sunlight is always the best, and flatters our skin the most~

Products featured:
IDS Clinic Facial Scrub
Skinfood Rice Mask Scrub
IDS Clinic Sunscreen
Sunplay Cool Mist Sunscreen
IDS Clinic Lyco White Pills
innisfree Second Skin Mask for Brightening
innisfree Intensive Ampoule Mask Vita C

Any questions, you can tweet me or leave a comment at the comments section below the video!!!
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Another requested video will be up next weekend, so remember to check back~

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Friday, September 18, 2015

Sponsored Post - iSnap

Hello there~~

Today, I have something special to share with all of you, and I'm so sure you will LOVE this!!!!!

Just the other day, I went down to an interesting place along with Hayley and Jayley.
It's located conveniently at Bugis Village, that whole shopping area youngsters LOVE to go.

It's a place called...


iSnap is the first photography company in Singapore that offers professionally-equipped personal studio rooms for taking personal or "SELFIES"!

What's great about them is that, they provide professional DSLR cameras + studio lighting in the studio with several themed backgrounds for you to choose from.
So no more grainy selfie shots on Instagram, YAY.

They have 6 individual studio rooms (guaranteed privacy, really enclosed so we managed to do the weirdest pose without feeling awkward HAHAHA)!
There are a total of 24 themes to choose from, be it the Japanese Blossom... Frozen background if you're going with kids...!!!

There are screens like this in each of the studio so you can see yourself, almost like a flipped-screen camera but a HUGE one, and you get to snap full body shots of yourself with the help of the remote. :D

One of their studios called LEO!
Anyway, their website has preview of the themes in each room so you can choose one of your favourite rooms with your favourite theme!

My favourite studio out of the 6 called Aries!!!
It's their largest room with the grass patch + swing installed!!! ^_^

To up the whole "selfie" level, they have MORE THAN 500 COSTUMES AND PROPS to play along with!!!
It's totally somewhere I will go with a huge group of friends and snap snap snap away!!!

OH OH, there is NO LIMIT to the number of photos taken (woohoo!), you get to keep all soft copies and take home 5 printed photos~
Just in case you're worried... privacy and confidentiality of customers are protected so your photos won't be leaked or anything.

I really loved how the entire place is so cosy and comfortable, making me feel like I'm snapping photos at home, yet with the coolest backdrop!

On top of that, the staff there are really helpful so if you have any enquiries, you can approach them easily!
They helped us with changing the backdrop, as well as suggesting which costumes match the backdrop we were snapping for!

Just to show you how comfortable we were at iSnap....

From Studio Aries!!!

From Aquarius HAHAHA we actually snapped a whole mini-story, and this is us at the end of the "play"... xD

For Hello Kitty fans.... in Capricorn!!!
Jayley with the purple wig HAHAHAHAHA.

For Frozen fans.... in Virgo!!!

The Japanese lady with the Samurai husband and a random Korean lady LOLLOL.
This is in studio Pisces!!!

And last but not least, one of my FAVOURITES in crazy animal onesies...
Studio Leo!!!

Had such an amazing time there snapping the craziest photos with the funniest outfits, you should head down with your group of friends too! (The more people, the cheaper it is~)

It's really an alternative compared to a usual day-out, I don't think there are any other places with this concept! :D

Customers can book a minimum of 1-hour (we spent more than 2 hours there that day haha), and they offer their place for private and corporate events as well, will be a perfect location for a birthday party!

iSnap is located at Bugis Village (right above Bee Cheng Hiang)!!!


For more info, visit their website~

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Sponsored Post - Essential CC Oil and Night Care Milk

Do you have days you get SO STRESSED due to your hair problems?

If yes, I can totally understand!
On some bad hair days, I get so stressed out that I will grab all my hair and scream at them, hoping that they will listen to me for once (LOL).

I'm always on the search for something that will help on bad hair days...
And I'm so happy I've finally found (not just one) but TWO solutions!!!

Essential CC Oil and Essential Night Care Milk!

Two awesome products that will help reduce our stress caused by horrible hair problems!

Before I start raving about these products...
Let me introduce to you, 5 of my worst enemies...


First of all evil hair stress brothers, BLOW-DRYING STRESS.

Blow-drying may look like it does not cause much damage to our hair, but we are so wrong!

Blow-drying actually removes moisture from our hair, both inside and out, leaving our hair brittle and  dry, and more prone to further damage!!! T _ T


Again, another thing that may seem to not cause much damage...

Combing through wet hair causes GREAT DAMAGE to our hair, as the hair follicle is at the weakest state!!!
Likewise, the friction from combing through dry hair can also form hair knots which make hair prone to unnecessary breakage.


The ends of our hair are the oldest and driest parts.
When the protective hair cuticle is destroyed at the end of our hair, that's when our hair splits into two or more parts.

Next, we have HAIR BREAKAGE.

Many daily actions that we do to our hair may cause unnecessary damages.
Like twirling our hair with our fingers, or tying a tight ponytail..

As we exert excessive stress on our hair, it will thus be prone to breakage. :(

Last but definitely not least, we have DRYNESS.

To me, this is one of the worst! Our hair feels rough when it's dry and it is usually caused by exposure to the sun, wind or air-conditioning.
These causes damage to our hair cuticles. Once our hair cuticles are damaged, they will not be able to protect and retain the moisture in our hair. :(


Non-greasy and invisibly light, Essential CC oil coats our hair with a cuticle coat protection to help fight the 5 evil brothers of hair stress!!!

I've tried it and I LOVE how there's completely no greasiness on my hair after using, and keeps my hair soft, smooth and manageable!
I can comb my hair through with my fingers~~~

You can use Essential CC oil on your damp or towel-dried hair and you do not have to rinse off! :)

Of course, Essential has something to pamper our hair, even when we're fast asleep at night!


Essential Night Care Milk intensively repairs and moisturises our hair when we're asleep at night!

With its Cuticle Coat Protection ingredients, it helps to protect our hair from pillow friction at night~

What is Pillow Friction? 

When we toss and turn at night, there's friction between our hair and the pillow!
This causes our hair cuticles to misalign.
Misaligned cuticles creates FRIZZ (what we ALL hate the most), thus, we wake up to THE FABULOUS LION'S MANE the next morning.

Usually, due to the fabulous lion's mane, we have to get up earlier to tidy our hair. T _ T
Washing... Blow-drying... Hair straightening and all that!!!

With Essential Night Care Milk, it reduces Pillow Friction, and TAADAA, TIME SAVED = MORE BEAUTY SLEEP, and wake up to beautiful soft, tidy hair!!!

#IWokeUpLikeThis ;)

I've tried Essential Night Care Milk and I'm VERY IMPRESSED!
It works as what it claims, and all I have to do every morning is to brush my hair and I'm off to go!

PLAY Essential's Mane Hero Facebook Game and combat the 5 evil Hair Stress Brothers and Pesky Pillow King to win attractive weekly prizes!

It's a simple left-right control game~
Catch Essential Products and avoid Evil Stress Brothers and Pesky Pillow King!


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Sunday, September 6, 2015

Let's Talk About Food #3 - Mint Choya Cocktail

Hello Hello Hello~~~

I'm back with a new LET'S TALK ABOUT FOOD post! So exciting, love anything related to food (although today's post is not exactly a food kind of food.)

I actually like alcohol quite a bit HAHA, especially Choya, so I'm gonna share with you one of my latest favourite drink creation LOL.

Don't judge, I'm no professional bartender, it's just how I like my drink to be when I want something less strong, although I love Choya the way it already is!!! :D

Mint Choya Cocktail!!!

Super lame but here are the ingredients.

- Choya (I prefer the royal honey one but I'm using Extra Shiso here!)
- Soda 
- Ice Cubes LOL
- Mint Leaves

You can get Mint at any supermarket's herbs section.

So first, I added Mint leaves in my cup, and press it with a spoon ('cause no muddler LOL) for the Mint taste to be stronger!

And then add in some Ice Cubes. I'll prefer if it's blended ice but too lazy to do that HAHAHA.

Next, add some Choya. As much as you like~

And then add in your soda and BLENDDDDD.


Short and sweet right? xD

I LOVEEEE how the Mint Leaves taste, and I love Choya A LOT too so this combination is the bomb.

It's perfect for someone who doesn't like anything too strong, you can always add lesser Choya and more soda, depending on how you like it. Tweak it to your liking!



Anyway, new video up on my YouTube Channel! Remember to watch it~~~~ ^_^

Thanks for reading, and for always being here. :)


Friday, September 4, 2015

My journey to a beautiful smile with TLC Dental Centre (Part 2)

Slightly more than a year back, I've blogged about my start of the journey with TLC Dental Centre and Invisalign.

The changes I had to do was not HUGE to the extent that I will say it's "life-changing", but what I realised after I've completed my Invisalign is that...
I'm more comfortable with laughing, smiling, and even talking.

Before I started Invisalign, I've always seen correcting my 'slightly crooked teeth' as less than a necessity, like, I can live with it, just try not to smile with my mouth open too much.... try not to speak with my mouth too open...
Of course, despite all these limitations I've given myself, my crooked teeth STILL shows.
One day, I decided the restriction was unnecessary as long as I have straightened teeth, plus Invisalign is a whole lot easier procedure as compared to traditional metal braces.

So here's how my teeth looks before the procedure. (Or you can refer to my first post regarding this journey!)

 It looks fine when I smile like how I do normally without my mouth open, but once my lower row shows.... T _ T

It doesn't seem like a huge problem to me at first 'cause I thought it doesn't show much but man was I wrong LOL.
It starts to affect me quite a bit after seeing videos of myself speaking and laughing... (You can read the first post for more to why I started doing Invisalign)

Anyway, so I started Invisalign with TLC Dental Centre and it really has been one of the best choices I've made in life HAHA.

I found out that not only my lower row of teeth was crooked, my upper row as well!
The front two teeth were slightly crooked and protruded out, which Invisalign and TLC Dental Centre can help to correct.

My Orthodontist is Dr Enrica Sham and she has been more than helpful throughout my journey with Invisalign~

Like what I've mentioned in my first post, seeking an Orthodontist is the best choice if you want to do Invisalign because Orthodontists have the knowledge of the full range of orthodontic appliance available. 

You may only see your crooked front teeth, but the orthodontists will be able to see the cause of crooked teeth and use their expertise to plan the solution to give you a healthy, attractive smile.
Most of you are concerned regarding the price when it comes to seeking a specialist, but not to worry, the price is THE SAME for most clinics out there with normal dentists instead of a specialist!

TLC Dental Centre charges Invisalign starting SGD$5000, and metal braces starting $3900, all prices excluding GST. 

So here are some BEFORE & AFTER pictures!!!

Lower Row.

Top Row.
You can tell that the protruded front teeth got pushed back!

Another issue that most of you are concerned is whether Invisalign is REALLY a better choice.
Hands down, it's really the BEST choice out there, especially if your issues aren't that big and just need some correction.

FAQ time! 

Does it hurt? 
My pain tolerance level is extremely low but the pain from Invisalign is really tolerable.
The only pain you get is when you change into a new pair of aligners. That's when your teeth is being corrected more so the aligners get tighter and hence, causing soreness.
It usually last me for the first few hours, the soreness is really tolerable so it wasn't of any problem to me.

Is it inconvenient?
The first few pair, I was not very used to wearing them yet so the aligner feels very awkward in my mouth haha. After a while, it became a part of my life now that it feels weird that I'm not wearing one LOL.
It does seem to be more of a hassle (compared to when you didn't have to wear one) since you have to take it out before you eat, and put back after you're done (aligners need to be on 22 hours+-) That means I have to brush and clean my teeth again before putting it back.
BUT my oral hygiene is a whole lot better now so I guess I'm thankful Invisalign put this great habit into me HAHAHA.
Convenience wise, when it comes to straightening your teeth, Invisalign is hands down the better choice as compared to metal braces.

Is it obvious that you're wearing Invisalign? Does it show?
If you're concerned about this issue, Invisalign is actually the best choice!
It doesn't show unless someone come up to me up close and stare at my teeth.
When I first wore them, I find it a bit tough for me to speak like there are some words I cannot pronounce right 'cause it's blocking haha.
But it gets better after a while since you will get used to it!

I'm so happy I can smile and talk without any restrictions now!!!

Screenshot from one of my videos!
Look at my lower row of teeth haha.

You can visit TLC Dental Centre located at Park Mall (right opposite Plaza Sing).

If you have more enquiries, feel free to call their clinic!~

TLC Dental Centre
Singapore 238459
Weekday – 9am to 7pm
Saturday – 9am to 4.30pm
Sunday & Public Holiday – Closed

9 Penang Road #07-27
Phone: (65) 6338 6639


Thanks for reading~