Thursday, September 18, 2014

Are you ready?


Just started my internship so I have lesser time for my social life.

You know how it goes...

Work + Fun = No Sleep
Sleep + Work = No Fun
Fun + Sleep... only applies if you have no work HAHA.

Oh well.

Anyway, it's my off day these two days so I was supposed to hang out with Rachell.
Both of us wanted to get our hair done at CLEO Hair & Make, BUT it turns out to be an impromptu Lapsupswag meet up.

Love impromptu meet-ups hahaha. Been a while since we last met already. Miss them a lot la. :(

That's me trying to dig something out of my bag because I have no idea why it's so damn small today.
Usually it fits everything I bring out?!?!

My silky hair after treatment at CLEO!!! Wanted to touch up my black hair roots but Takuya isn't around so I'll make do with treatment~~~~ ^_^

MY OOTD from shopsassydream again!

Love their clothes 'cause they always fit me so well~

After that~ We decided to eat Haidilao!!! I wanted to have korean BBQ but all of us just did our hair so we didn't want to smell baaad. :(
So HaiDiLao that is~

Randomly caught four of us in one shot hahaha.

We called for Tomato soup and Ma la!
The Ma La is really damn good. Drink the soup without the oil, omg it's DAMN yummy.

A lot of you told me the tomato soup is amazing but honestly I prefer the herbal chicken soup. :( It's so much better! Maybe I'm more to savoury than sweet. Really didn't like the tomato soup that much~


Eat until we all almost exploded LOL.

This is our first picture using the self-timer hahaha both JQ and I looked fine but JY and Rach got cropped out hahahahaha.

This is our favourite picture hahahaha.

Had Yuzu ice cream after dinner 'cause my metabolism is damn high la everything digested super fast and I got hungry again. :/

Alright thanks for reading~~~~

Till next time, see ya! ^_^

Thanks for sticking by, thanks for staying, thanks for everything.


Friday, September 12, 2014

Happy 19th Birthday to me!

If you see me in person with no makeup, you might think of me as a 15 year old.
If you see me online, you might think I'm closer to 20+ year old because of the people I hang out with and the way I portray myself.


Yes people, I'm 19 this year!

Sometimes I get a little bit confused with my age as well HAHA but who cares!!!!

My birthday was on the 7th September but since my internship will be starting from 8th, I had my party on the 6th so I won't be so tired.

I didn't want to start up a party because ONE, it's super troublesome and I'm too lazy to go through the hassle.
TWO, sometimes I kindda have this mindset like "Hey it's my birthday I should chill a little and not put myself through these trouble and hopefully my friends will just hang out with me so we can chill together."
THREE, it's a 19th birthday so I really don't care as much as 18th or 21st.

BUT then again I kindda like to make it bigger than just a usual dinner because it's THE ONLY DAY when you can find the excuse to start a party and celebrate!!!
I always wanted to have a slumber party with my friends so it's quite a good time to do it~

Long rants aside...

Here goes my post for my birthday~ Everything is kind of similar to my vlog if you already watched it. If you haven't, you should 'cause the vlog is more detailed about the party while this post is more like my rants and talks and all that HAHAHAHA.

Anyway, The Sultan Hotel provided me with the venue so I got to have an awesome stay at their Loft Suite with my friends!

Earlier in the afternoon, my family went down to The Sultan Hotel to chill around first before my friends came down.

Since Sultan Hotel was near Bugis, we had our lunch at Yoogane and DAMN it was SOOOO spicy for me to tolerate that day. O_O

My umma being all like "HELLOOOOO" while my dad adjust his apron hahaha.

Checked into the hotel and received a bouquet of flowers from Sultan Hotel and a box of accessories from NIKNAK. ^_^ I love presents!!!

Hayley and Rachell came the earliest 'cause Jayley has some marathon going on.
Randy has his graduation going on that late afternoon too so he came along with Ben later that night!

Check out the cupcakes by Kreme Couture that Hayley ordered!!! Super cute. It's like Kitty on a spaceship with the twins and I'm that bunny HAHAHA. Special 'cause I'm princess of the day. xD xD

Kreme Couture + Sprinkie Parties came to set up the dessert table for my alpaca-themed birthday hahaha.

Actually I don't really have a theme but I like alpacas so I told them "I want alpacas" and they came up with this floral garden theme with alpacas.

So I dressed according to it since it's a rare day for me to feel a little bit girly, feminine, and PASTEL PASTEL PASTEL.

I really like pastel but I don't really wear pastel HAHA.

So here's my OOTD with my pastel romper dress from Shop Sassy Dream and my floral daisy hairband from H&M.
Shoes from some random shop in AMK HAHA.

Sister x Me x PhotobomberHayley
And omg the tree at the back matches the look as well haha.

The dessert table!!!



Photogenic alpaca LOL.

It looks even nicer at night with the lights at the back but I can't take a full shot of the table since it was a complete mess by the time the sun set. xD

The rest of the night...I didn't take any pictures. You can check out my vlog for it!!!

Revealing the surprise of the night....

Jayley the mastermind got Aloysius to surprise me right on the dot of my birthday! xD
HAHAHAHA didn't know how to react to it but I'm superrrrrrr touched...and happy!

Thank you thank you. *bows*

My favourite people. LapsupSwag x Flowergirls x BimboClub Hahaha all the name sound so stupid but it's actually quite funny how we come up with those name. It's more like those became our group names because of some inside jokes we kept joking about.
Joke until now I don't even remember what actually brought up the joke....

Thankful to have all of you in my life! ♥
May this friendship last for many many years to come. Laugh at childish jokes together till we grow old and ugly but still fabulous. X

Super grateful to have my family with me as well ^_^.
I love birthdays 'cause that's when you can thank everyone on earth that you feel really grateful for without looking silly.

Usually I'm a really tough person LOL I don't like to thank people with words (especially to my family) so I usually prove it by buying them gifts randomly, or doing certain things to show my gratitude.
I'm sure my family knows how much I love them, after all, my family is always FIRST on list, even before myself. I'm always second, after anyone I love.

I'm not just thankful for my family on my special day, of course, but I'm really happy and grateful that they took the day off to accompany me, despite having to wait for me, despite having to go through the boredom just for me to enjoy my day, despite having to stand there and do nothing, looking at me while I hang out with my friends.

There's so many things I'm grateful for that I can't put in words, like I said so many times, I'm not good with words.

Also, I am glad so many of you wished me for my birthday!
Thankful for all of your well wishes~
I've read all of them and I will LOVE to reply to all of you, but I'm sorry if I accidentally missed you out. :( ♥
You know I love you!

Feeling blessed.

Thank you.

Thanks for reading XX

Watch my vlog if you haven't~ ^_^

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Nuffnang's Bloggerati

I am a Nuffnang Bloggerati!!! :D

There was an event for Nuffnang bloggerati the other day and I got to see lots of bloggers, those that I already know of, and some faces I've never met in person before.

My huge face to kick start this post LOL.

I went to CLEO Hair & Make to get my hair done before the event~ :)
Love how soft and bouncy my curls look for the night!!!!
Their treatment is really magical (Maybe Takuya's hands are magical too!), my hair always look SOOOO good.
That's why they say... Good hair days don't just come by LUCK!!!

Boss Ming's talk about Bloggerati! :)

A lot of things I've learned, a lot of things to keep in mind.

With Qiu jie. xD HAHAHA we were saying how Qiu Jie sounds like it's from some china/taiwan drama LOL.


With Ben and Ran who were like some business agents for the night.

MY OOTD for the night was slightly more to the casual side.
Romper dress from ShopSassyDream (again!) HAHA. I love their clothes 'cause most of them fits me like gloves!

Our OOTD, supposedly smart casual but idk why we look kindda appropriate for business meetings here. Maybe it's just the two guys beside me!

Mandy and I. xD

Ending off with the Nuffnang family! #Bloggerati ~ :)

Glad to be part of this journey.
Let's all work together as a community! ^_^

Thanks for reading! x

Monday, August 25, 2014

Family times.

Casual day out with my family~ :)

I really like going out with my family 'cause I can be myself all the time.
Acting like a kid when I feel like it, show my temper when I really need to hahahaha.

Outfit of the day is from ShopSassyDream once again!

We went to Toa Payoh to walk around before heading to expo for their digital/food exhibition~
Passed by this fast food restaurant called Yellow Submarine and I think their main concept is cheese 'cause everything on the menu has cheese haha.
My family said it was amazing the last time they tried it and told me I really have to try it!

I ordered this thing. Kindda resembles KFC's cheesy melts just that in my own opinion, it's a lot better. Actually it tastes different so I can't really compare. I got it in beef! Super nice, the beef is savoury sweet!
The cheese fries are to die for too!!! Love the cheese they use. Kindda like those mexican spicy cheese.

This is the "I am eating don't bother me" selca LOL.

You can see my invisalign box with my alpaca sticker one HAHA.

We headed to the digital electronic exhibition at expo and apparently nothing interest us so we went to the food expo and got some dinner.

Had my hood up to cover up my hair so it will not smell bad. The whole expo was full of smoke 'cause there were a lot of stalls grilling things.

My corn ice cream~~~~ I really wanted to try this the last time I was at Dongdaemun but there wasn't enough time for us so we didn't get to try it.

It's actually a really normal ice cream + corn snack hahahaha but it's interesting.

My hood-on style LOL. My mom say she can recognize me from afar 'cause of that. Cool or not.

My mama~ The lady behind my photos. (My sister too hahahaha) in case you're wondering who took all the pictures on my instagram/blog/twitter... It's my mom + sis!!!! :D

Soooo, that's all for this post.

Thanks for reading! ^_^