Tuesday, August 19, 2014


Posted a vlog few days back~

Watch it if you haven't already! ^_^


Not sure what I'm up to recently, but I FEEL like I'm quite busy, probably because the scabs from my laser treatment haven't recover so I can't do anything just yet LOL.

Grateful to have your support till today, I will always be thankful for the support all of you gave me. ♥ Thanks for sticking by! :)

Friday, August 15, 2014

IDS clinic - Hydro Therapeutics Facial

I'm on self-proclaimed off day from school today because of the downtime from my laser treatment for freckles so I thought maybe I should update my blog! ^_^

Just in case you didn't get to read my dayre or tweets, I updated saying I did laser treatment at IDS Clinic for freckles again because they came back. Downtime about a week and it looks like it's recovering well now~

Anyway, I just realized I didn't get to talk about the facial treatment I did at IDS Clinic the other time so here goes!
I thought it was amazing because it cleared out my blackheads on the day itself (blackheads are one of my biggest concern on my face)!

I had makeup on that day 'cause I went there right after a field trip from school. :) 
They removed my makeup and did a scrub (omg I love IDS Clinic's scrub because it's super mild and clears all the dirt and dead skin away!)~

After cleansing and scrub, they did microdermabrasion which is to help remove all the impurities on the skin such as blackheads, whiteheads and dead skin!

It's like a mini vacuum cleaner sucking up all the dirt!

This is me after the microdermabrasion haha!

After that, they helped me to remove some of my stubborn blackheads by manual extraction, and then infused Vitamin C into my skin for brighter and more radiant skin! ^_^

Lastly, they applied a cooling mask to end off the facial treatment which helps to cool down my skin from all the extractions! 
I love this facial treatment because there is NO DOWNTIME, that means we can look BEAUTIFUL even without makeup, right after the treatment!

The mask is extremely cooling and comfortable, I fell asleep with it on hahaha.

This is my skin right after the treatment! 
Looking bright, smooth and clean! ^_^

You can make an appointment with IDS Clinic if you're interested to visit them for your skin problems~ :) 

8 SINARAN DRIVE, #05-07 to 10

SINGAPORE 307470   
T: +65 6568 3555   F: +65 6568 3553

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

July Favourites

I'm thinking of making more videos now so I hope you can subscribe to my YouTube channel and follow up CLOSELY~~~~ Hahaha!

Anyway, if you didn't get to catch my latest video, please do! ^_^

It's about my July Favourites, ranging from beauty to fashion to food, hope I inspired you to shop and get some of the things I really strongly recommend you hahahaha (since those are my favourites of the month!) ~


IOPE Forever Pink Lipstick 
- I got this online! You can google and find a reliable seller selling the genuine piece. 

Innisfree Eyebrow Pencil
- I got this from Innisfree's outlet. Available at Plaza Sing and Taka! 

Innisfree Green Tea Mineral Mist
- Same as the eyebrow pencil!

Maybelline Volume Express The Falsies Mascara
- You can get this at any drugstore like Watsons! 

Tony Moly Blusher #13
- I got mine from Korea at $5 but you can get this in Singapore as well, just a tad bit pricier. Tony Moly is available at Bugis or you can google to see if there's any outlet nearer to you! 

Forever21 Ear Studs
- From Forever21 of course haha. Got it for $7 a set!

Puma Wedges Sneakers
- I got mine from Puma at Vivo! 

Meiji Melon Milk
- You can get this from any major supermarket I think! There's watermelon available as well! 

Meiji Panda Snack
- It's not as widely available anymore but you can probably still hunt it down, so far I can't find them at any NTUC. 

Alright, hope you like my video and my short write-up hahaha. 

Thanks for watching and reading! 

Monday, August 4, 2014

On a beautiful day like today.


I'm currently sitting around Coffee Bean with a BOB beside me LOL.
Happily trying to make myself look like some cool people using my new laptop at a cafe but the feel is completely gone after the smell hits me.
Fortunately, the smell isn't THAT bad so I guess I can just... act like I'm not smelling it although I am.

This is me and my cup of Moroccan Mint Tea Latter against the world today.

I'm very lonely currently 'cause my house is a mess and it's extremely noisy due to the construction so I'm trying to have a little peace (omg the smell just hit me again) at a cafe.

Starbucks is way too full, wanted to head to Paris Baguette but I've never once seen that place with ONE empty seat for the tiny me.

The tea latte tastes pretty good though. Tastes kind of like a minty chocolate drink, can't really taste the tea.

So anyway, I was browsing through my computer the other day and saw a few (or actually about 500+) pictures of myself for several ads or posts I've done on my blog.
I never really thought my hairstyle or hair colour actually changed much 'cause I've been revolving around brown since my school don't allow fancy hair.

I think I kind of went through every shade of brown from reddish to yellowish to ash 'cause I tried to be 'experimental' despite being so restricted HAHAHA. Explains my horrible split ends and why I chopped about 4/5 inch of hair away. SOBBING.

That was when I had darker brown hair.
Oh oh oh, every time I dye a different hair colour, it kind of still looks the same in pictures 'cause of the filters. So...why dye your hair when you have filters right?! HAHAHA.

I think this was when I had honey beige on my hair. I remember I had those blonde highlights 'cause I was desperate to have my hair brighter but I couldn't.

Then my hair got brighter and brighter after every treatment done, I almost turn blonde?? HAHAHA.
I loved them so much but I got quite bored of the yellowish tone on my hair so I decided to go PURPLE.
By purple I mean purplish brown.

After that I kind of decided that...I should go slightly darker. So... I went for some ash tone but it turned out almost black haha. You can still see the purplish tone in these pics though!


I realised it's quite a big change but I never really noticed haha.

Yeah, to conclude, I just wanted to post some old pictures of myself so I blabbered some nonsense to make it seem like my post is very interesting and full of words and stories and stuff like that and now it's too late for you to realise you've just read a whole bunch of nonsense making no sense.

I'm quite sleepy now omg. And the BOB beside me just sat closer to me, had a shock of my life and kicked my table by accident. I think now she knows I'm trying to stay away from her. I feel a little bit bad but please blame my sensitive nose.

Hope y'all had a great Monday!!! I went for a field trip today with my school, it ended around 11 and went to eat Yoogane with my team mates. :D
I have my Korean class tonight, hope I don't fall asleep.

Thanks for reading! xx

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Pleasure seeking.

I met up with Rachell today 'cause we decided to attend this private cosmetics sale by Mandom. :D

We got to get a lot of cosmetics and daily necessities at a very good deal! Super happy 'cause I bought quite a lot of fake eyelashes, although I don't use them often, but still super happy and excited to use them!

Anyway, the sale was at Great World City so Rachell and I had our lunch at this random-cool-looking-ramen shop.

Don't remember the shop's name. Something like Ramen Champion?

It wasn't up to my expectations haha.

My Ramen.

HAHAHA it's damn funny 'cause Rachell and I both called something very similar. I think we got some "Special Ramen". Rachell got the Chashu Tonkutsu Special Ramen but I got the Miso Tonkutsu one.
We got so confused but were so confident this ramen was mine when it was served to me LOL.

I took so many pictures and even tried the soup until we realized...

This was mine. HAHAHAHA.

So yeah the noodle's back to the owner with a little bit of my saliva LOL.

Anyway, I'm trying to grow out my fringe because I've been having front fringe/bangs for 19 years now.

It's now at the awkward length, not sure where to go.
Everyday's a bad hair day until it grows long enough to be styled other ways! :(

My eyes look extra big in this picture, I think the horrible quality of this picture plays a part into making my eyes that huge HAHAHAHA.
Cannot stand the quality of my pictures 'cause the camera just don't seem to like bad lighting. Every picture turns out pixelated under bad lighting.

Dessert was horrible. I think they didn't cook the mochi well so I was literally eating FLOUR.

I went to CLEO Hair & Make to get my hair washed and treated with treatment!

My house has been undergoing renovation since a week back and it has been hell for me and my family. NO TOILETS AT HOME so we have to use this temporary cubicle installed at our kitchen (and obviously that means no kitchen for us to use as well).
We have to seal up our entire house so other than my room, nowhere else at home is decent enough to go.
I'm a clean freak so I really cannot get used to this. Oh my.

Have no idea why doing my hair got linked to the renovation at my place wtf but yeah, the topics are probably related to each other since it's a good excuse why I'm so lazy to wash my own hair.


Striped shirt with Takuya HAHAHAHA what coincidence. xD

Done with my hair~

After a good wash, my fringe is still confused, sigh.

I waited for Rachell to be done with her appointments so I sat around CLEO for 2 hours LOL. It's the second time of the month that I've waited for Rachell for two hours while lepaking at CLEO.

Luckily Samantha was at CLEO today so we can talk a lot of nonsense. She bought me drinks and food also omg hen gan dong, really. xD

Samantha also took ohohteedee for me!!!

Very nice omg the feel is there.

Aaaand the feel is gone HAHA.

Met up with Rachell again and we went to The Cathay for dinner at Nihon Mura.
They increased their price LOL from $1.50 per plate to $1.60. Ten cents make a huge difference if you were to eat a lot at Nihon Mura haha, not 'cause I cheapskate ok.

Phone cases from Covermybagel! Mine is the Mickey Mouse one. Rachell has Minnie Mouse!



So we went up to have ice cream waffles for dessert!

It's very yummy! Crazy generous amount of salted caramel sauce (and my obssession with Matcha ice cream lol)


It's not the best I've eaten but hey it's WAFFLES + ICE CREAM AHHHH.

Alright, that's all for this post! I have school tomorrow omg people. It's time to wake up. *snap snap* Back to reality. Back to work. Back to boring stuff. T _ T

Thanks for reading~ xx

Friday, July 25, 2014

Lazy day makeup and outfit


Makeup used in the video:
Innisfree BB Cushion
The Face Shop Face It Concealer
Chanel Le Blanc Whitening Compact Foundation
Maybelline Falsies Mascara
Maybelline Volume Express Cat Eyes Mascara
Revlon Balm Stain

Clothes featured:
Shorts - H&M
Long Sleeve Blouse - UNIQLO

Please watch and leave a nice comment hahahaha.

Thanks for watching in advance~! xD

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Happy Saturday

It's Saturday LIKE FINALLY!!!!

Feels like forever since the last Saturday because I had a super duper busy week. :(
Busy with school and exam and everything else I can't remember, I just remember it was pretty hectic and I didn't have time left for anything.
So yay to the weekends!!!

Still have incomplete assignment due on Monday but hey, I deserve a rest hahaha so I packed my Saturday with appointments.

Recently, I grew some grumpy red bumps on my face. It's the first time ever in my life that I have all these bumps on my face so I was sooo freaked out. :(

Headed down to IDS Clinic to have my face checked.
My daddy drove me down and accompanied me HEHEHE.

He looks kindda grumpy here right. HAHA.

Dr Tan gave me a cream to apply on my bumps. I counted the bumps LOL. There were 11, and now it increased so I don't wanna count anymore. D:

I didn't put makeup the whole day 'cause I thought my bumps will become angrier so I had shades on to cover my whole face.

But then later the day, I decided it's too tiring to look through my shades so I walked around Singapore looking horrendous.

Lunch at Old Town White Coffee!!!
I actually quite like Old Town 'cause they have pretty yummy food at a decent price. (Although Malaysia is a lot cheaper haha) ~

My favourite White Milk Tea. It's really DAAAAMN good and it's just DIFFERENT from any other milk tea you tried so you HAVE to try this!!!! It's quite cheap also, huge cup for $2.60~

Nasi Lemak! It was mehhhhh, usually it's better, so maybe it's just that outlet.
It was super filling though!
So filling that it felt like I will puke if I open my mouth.
Worst of all... my dental appointment was right after lunch HAHAHAHA.

I didn't puke...just in case you're wondering...


I went to TLC Dental Centre after that to get my teeth checked!
Taking my three new pairs of aligners. ^_^
That means one more step closer to pretty smile haha.

The appointment was a really quick one 'cause it was just to check if my aligners are fitting well on me. :)

Me looking quite grumpy but I wasn't really grumpy.

YAY my aligners!!!

If you're looking to visit an Orthodontist, Dr Enrica Sham is my orthodontist and she's really gentle and nice! :D
Details on the picture above.

After that, I went down to Central to have my hair done at CLEO Hair & Make. :)

Been finding time to head down since my previous session because I was half-done with my hair HAHA.

Anyway, my fashion of the day LOL.
Quite funny to say 'fashion' 'cause I'm totally unfashionable hahaha.

My dress from ShopSassyDream! Love them 'cause most of their clothes fits me! Makes me happy when I have clothes that fits me.
I have this problem with fitting clothes I get online so I will get super angry everytime people send me clothes that don't fit me lol. I will really feel very pek cek and start scolding everyone haha.

So yeah back to my hair.

Dyeing my hair to honey beige! I think my hair is quite stubborn, needs two session to get it to honey beige.

Very lonely Saturday actually. Nobody replied me on Whatsapp at all. :/

So I decided to go on Dayre....! I posted a lot of things, follow me http://dayre.me/speishi for live blog posts. xD

I had a super torturous dyeing session because of this bunch of pimples I have near my hairline, at the scalp area.
It's like applying salt on your wound?! SUPER painful. Usually it already hurts quite a lot on my scalp and now it's worse because of my pimples. T _ T
So painful I felt a bit dizzy before washing my hair.

Luckily Takuya did a crazy awesome hair wash on me hahahaha SHIOK MAX!!!!!


I love the layerings!!! ARIGATO TAKUYA-SAN. ♥

If you like my hair, you can look for Takuya at CLEO Hair & Make, Clarke Quay Central, Level 4!
Remember to call for appointment first - 6338 5250 ^_^

SOOOO~~~ After doing my hair, I met up with Rachell (I waited almost two hours for her PFT) and Noah (who was even later LOL) at Clarke Quay.

Quality horrible or what.

Just chilling at a cafe outside.

Feeling it.

Nice coffee.

Very act haha it's some food exhibition thingy at the atrium of Central. xD

We headed down to Somerset for STING RAY YAY!!! No pictures 'cause it slipped off my mind completely hahaha. Too hungry.

With Nuah.

With Nuah 2.

They were fighting at the back. These kids.


Happy to see my retarded bunnies after sooooo long although we just met up for a little while. :D :D :D

I'm also very happy I bought alpaca stickers LOL.
I spent $10 buying stickers. FOR WHAT? I DON'T KNOW.

That's all for my Saturday! :D
Hope you had fun too~

See you when I see you again.