Monday, November 10, 2014

IDS clinic - Sugar Therapeutic Treatment


Before I head on to my post about the treatment I've done with IDS clinic recently, I've got a new video and it's something I rarely do.


Not like I've got brilliant vocals or anything but I think it's worth a watch because at least I've tried HAHAHA so please.... watch it, and like it, and share it~

Thank you in advance!

Okay so on to the facial treatment.

I visited IDS Clinic to stock up on my products and my Lyco White (whitening supplements).
I've finished a bottle of it and I think it is working quite well since I see slight changes to my hands and legs.
I can't really tell the difference on my face 'cause I'm using products and sunscreen anyway so I guess the best areas to tell the difference are my hands and legs.

Anyway, the facial treatment I've done with IDS Clinic was Sugar Therapeutic Treatment and the reason why I find it worth a share is because it's extremely unique and I don't think anywhere else does this.

And yes that's me on the TV woohoo. xD

My skin before the treatment.

Already quite white 'cause of my effort in putting thick sunscreen every single day hahaha. (plus recently had Lyco White supplements hahaha)

Only have my eyebrows drawn and lip color on.
I have freckles on my face btw as you already know.


This treatment will get rid of fine hair on your face which sometimes are the main reason to why your skin don't glow as much as those kpop stars you see everyday haha.

After this treatment, you will get whiter, fairer, smoother skin! That's like what ALL of us want to achieve isn't it. xD

So she started cleansing my face and prep for the sugar treatment.

And that's the sugar on my face! It's so organic that it's actually edible hahahaha tastes like malt candy. If you're chinese you should know. Mai ya tang!

First, they will stick this sugar on your face and RIP IT OFF so the fine hair will come off. Somehow like waxing.

Before you go like "NO WAY I'M GONNA WAX MY WHOLE FACE", it doesn't hurt that much, probably just felt like scotch tape on your face?
My pain tolerance level is 1/10 so trust me, this is almost painless.

After the sugar 'waxing' step, they will then apply serum on my face. If I'm not wrong they applied Vitamin C on my face which helps you to achieve that radiant glow on your face.

As you can see, my face is slightly red after because the skin will somehow be irritated after the pulling and tugging.

BUT that's why there's this next step to get rid of those slight irritation.

Mask on!



That thing with blue light actually felt like ice cubes. O_O

IT'S DAMN COMFORTABLE. It calms and soothes down ANY form of irritation on your skin.

They left the mask on me for a while so I had a good nap in the treatment room before they unveil my new baby skin...

So much fairer and whiter. :O I'm surprised my skin can still get significantly whiter 'cause honestly I really thought I've already reached the limit of 'whiteness' on my skin lol 'cause I'm quite tan when I was a kid.

If you're looking to do this Sugar Therapeutic Treatment, you can give them a call to make an appointment. :D for more info. ^_^

Thanks for reading!!!! ♥

(P.s. Not sure why the quality of my pics turns out quite bad after uploading. Is it Blogger's problem?!) 

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

My trip to Bugis Street

If you ask where is my absolute favourite place to shop in our sunny little Singapore, I will say it's...


Here at Bugis Street, I can get almost anything I want (clothes, accessories, snacks and drinks) and spend my entire day there with almost 600 shops to keep me occupied!


Let me take you shopping through this post~
I'm going to share with you some of my favourite shops in Bugis Street and many many more.

That day, I went down to Bugis Street alone. I was quite upset 'cause I will LOVE to have a partner along with me but it was a last minute decision to head down so I did~

And I'm surprised I actually felt occupied the entire day alone.

Anyway, the main street of Bugis Street looks like this, if you haven't been there before. (IF you're a Singaporean, you should have already visited Bugis Street like come on!!!!)

The first two shops I headed to are NaNa and Room 707. They are just opposite each other on the ground level.

NaNa and Room 707 really stand out with their distinctive style so if you're someone who prefers getting clothes that are one of a kind (fashion clash is a no-no), you can head down and check them out!

If you like fancy prints, they have PLENTY.

And every piece only comes in ONE PIECE so I guess you won't really see someone else wearing the same piece outside haha.

I got myself a piece of simple white shirt from them. It's only $15 yet looking super classic.
It's a slight loose cutting and I feel like a princess in it hahaha.

(The bag is also from Bugis Street, one of my lucky finds!)

Directions to NaNa and Room 707:
On Level one, head in from DBS ATM side, you will see an escalator on your right. Beside the escalator, there is a small lane, just walk right in and you will find them! :) 

My readers will get 10% off selected items upon flashing the e-coupon which I will provide you with at the end of this post~ ^_^


I walked past this shop called LUMI and they have a whole lot of accessories loaded on their wall, and check out the prices!!! Talk about shopping within a budget.

They have a lot of shades at $5 omg!!!!

Super affordable, now you can't say style is expensive haha.

Lumi is located at level one as well. :)

Directions to LUMI:
Find Wo Ai Tai Mei and walk right through the lane beside it. You will find LUMI on your left. 

My readers get to enjoy 10% off storewide upon flashing the e-coupon!!! 

Anyway, Bugis Street has 3 levels with almost 600 shops and it's fully air-conditioned so the experience has definitely evolved and improved over the years.

With such a huge variety of things available, you can really just spend an entire day there.

The best thing is that Bugis Street isn't just about shopping. There are snacks and drinks all around where you can just grab and go while heading for your next haul.

I usually like to finish up shopping before heading to get food haha but it really depends on your liking~

I found a shop I really like at the third floor as well!

It's called LZ and they have so many clothes I was totally spoilt for choices.

They are all so pretty as well!!!!

LZ is more on the pricey side compared to other shops in Bugis Street, BUT the apparels here are definitely value-for-money because the quality is really good and well... their clothes are just really my style! xD

I got quite a lot of clothes from them!

The checkered top is from LZ. :)

Another checkered top I got from LZ is a long one and I took quite a while to decide if I really want it but maaaan was it worth it haha.

I love it!

Very different from the usual checkered top everyone owns huh?

Got a flowy cape top from them as well.

Last piece I got from them is this simple hoodie.

Simplicity at its best.

The quality is really awesome, it is SO comfortable!!!! *_*

You should head to LZ to check out their clothes as well 'cause there are really so many choices and these are just some that I managed to pick out.

Directions to LZ:
Take the escalator to Level 3 from the Toilet side and you will see LZ! It's the second shop on your left. :)

My readers get to enjoy 20% off with minimum purchase of $20 upon flashing the e-coupon.

And that is just one of the many other fancy shops I chanced upon at Bugis Street the other day!!! :O

After shopping around, I decided to sit down and chill a bit.
I found this really yummy chicken shop called Chicken Up Little at Level One.

It's KOREAN FRIED CHICKEN!!! *screams*

I absolutely love Korean Fried Chicken and I'm drooling now while typing this lol. I'm starving.

I got to try their chicken wings in all three different flavours.
Soy Sauce, their korean sweet and spicy sauce, and also the original one.
My favourite is the sweet and spicy one.




Chicken + beer is really the bomb. You have to try!

My favourite flavour of their fried chicken and I, with my plastic gloves.
Fried chicken is best savoured with your hands. xD

And then a sip of beer to wash it down. *____* OMG.

I conclude...
I love Bugis Street. For all the joy they give me hahahaha.
For styling me up with the best bargains...and filling my tummy up with the yummiest food. #bliss

Chicken Up Little is having a promotion until 21st Nov for all shoppers!

1-for-1 promotion! Buy 1 set (4 pcs) and get 1 set free!


Directions to Chicken Up Little:
From DBS ATM, walk straight down and turn right at the corner of the street. You will find Chicken Up Little at Tastebud Foodcourt!

I'm having some sort of illusion now. I feel like I'm actually smelling fried chicken.

AAAAND here is my e-coupon for all of you!!!!!

Just flash this to the shops I have featured in this post and you will enjoy the discounts as stated above!!!

I HOPE YOU WILL HAVE AS MUCH FUN AS I DID (although I was shopping alone hahaha please go with your friends for extra fun)! :D

And know what? You can now buy Bugis Street stuff online at too! Everything online is not more than $19 and FREE SHIPPING!!!

Awesome thing is...some stuff are actually cheaper online than in the store. :O

Remember to hit like and follow Bugis Street on Facebook and Instagram too to check out their future promotions! :) 

Thanks for reading~ xx

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Boo yah!

Although I'm not really feeling the festive mood of Halloween which is around the corner because...
I'm busy all the time.

BUT! I finally got to USS Halloween Horror Night last week all thanks to Nuffnang! :)

Anyway, that day, I decided to head to the dentist earlier in the morning to get my three new set of aligners.

Oh right btw, this post is slightly late because I was too tired to update my blog last week and I'm actually still tired now because I headed out for an advert and I'm having a horrible sore eye.

Anyway, my outfit the other day~ :D
Peishi and her purple bag. ^_^

Peishi and her red nails LOL.

So yeap~ This time round I got my lower row of front teeth shaved smaller so they can move around more.

The dental clinic I go to is TLC Dental Centre, located at Park Mall (the mall opposite Plaza Sing), on the 7th floor, #07-27~

It's a very convenient location and my teeth is being corrected by a professional orthodontist (Dr Enrica Sham) so I'm in safe hands YAY!
I really recommend all of you to visit TLC Dental Centre because it's always better to find an orthodontist when it comes to doing braces/invisalign since they are specialists when it comes to this area.
If you're looking to clean, extract or fill your teeth, basically any general dental problems, you can also visit TLC Dental Centre for Dr Kevin Co because he is SUPER gentle!

My mom recently visited Dr Kevin Co to get her ultra painful teeth extracted lol it was an emergency because it was hurting so much and she said the whole process of extraction was almost painless. O_O

How can extraction be painless right LOL but I tried filling and cleaning with Dr Kevin Co too and he is really really gentle.

Anyway, all the blabbering aside, their website is, do check them out and visit them if you need to. :)

Okay back to my post~

I updated a lot on dayre that day 'cause I was alone outside and super free.

I went to Nana Green Tea to have my lunch and damn it was amazing!!!!
Not sure if it's because I'm way too hungry but anything mentaiko is good to me la.

I got myself a mentaiko udon with thin matcha :)

Love it 'cause it's not sweet at all. :D

After that~ I went to find Ben and Randy 'cause I was too bored but they were just doing their own things so I just kept talking to myself.


Hayley finally came to find me so we went to USS for Halloween Horror Night!!!!!! :D :D :D

It was super crowded lol and I'm a bit disappointed 'cause it's not that scary hahaha. Last year I went with Rachell to a media invite so apparently the whole theme park is empty and we just went in to the trails with a few other media people so the trail was a lot scarier.

Still glad I got to go because it's always fun to feel a bit of the halloween vibe. :D

I got myself a slurpee immediately after I head out 'cause I WAS DYING OF THIRST.

Damn it saved my life and I'm so happy look at the cup.


Okay that's all for today's post.
I'm a bit tired.

Heading off to do more work. Haha byebye loves.

Thanks for reading. xx