Spell me STRESS.

Hello dearest. :)
Been a while as always.

Just got back from an overseas work trip - whenever I get the chance to travel overseas for work, I feel really really blessed.
As much as it takes a toll on me 'cause it is in fact hard work (it's work after all), I still feel really full from being able to do it.

Fell sick for more than a week since I got back, and realised how long it has been since I really took a good break from all these work.
And it has gotten to me somehow that I have been piling on more and more stress on myself.

Have you ever been there?
Doing something that you think you really love, and you think it's keeping you happy, yet you're getting a tremendous amount of stress from trying to do it better than ever?

Actually feeling a little confused from all these emotions lately, and this unnecessary stress that I've been putting on myself unknowing have been suffocating.

Seeking for the times when I really enjoyed doing things - not for the numbers, not for the recognition, not for someone to tell me I'm doing really well - but all for myself.

There is no competition honestly. It's all inside you.
Just really want to jump out of it, and do things that will genuinely make me feel good and happy.

It's time to stop doing things for anyone else. How many people out there can we really impress? How many people out there can we outgrow?
And what is the point of trying to impress everyone, when you can't even impress yourself?

Get back on track - with one goal.
Do it for yourself.

Talk to you again soon. x
Thanks for sticking by.

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